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The amazing moons of Saturn
Enceladus, Saturn's strange moon with its icy geysers, had its last flyby from the Cassini deep space probe in late December 2015. Passing only three thousand kilometers from the surface, NASA's Cassini prepares for the final leg of its journ ... [more]
Congress approves deep space habitation spending bill
Last month the US Congress authorised a bill requiring NASA to spend fifty five million dollars of the $350 million in the Advanced Exploration Systems program budget, ensuring that the agency remains focused on practical steps towards deep space exp ... [more]
Frost-filled crater on Mars
An ancient, five kilometer wide frozen crater was captured by NASA's HiRISE camera mounted on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). In orbit around Mars for the last ten years, the MRO is capable of resolving photographs of the surface ... [more]